What is sensual beauty?

To be sensual means being in harmony with the senses of the body. Rather than a thinking process, it’s a physical and intuitive feeling.


Sensual beauty exists on the physical, mental, and spiritual planes of a person or place. It’s the inner radiance that transcends from your soul into your environment.You will know when you have reached the peak of your tranquility because your inner world reflects your space. The environment becomes spa-like, natural, and earth centered.Your beauty rituals become sacred, there is a desire for high vibrational foods, your fashion sense awakens and so many more gifts are bestowed upon you.


Sensual beauty is the peaceful moment you have to yourself and where the intuition strengthens. You are comfortable with being alone and don’t need outside influences or validation.


Love, light and happiness surround you and is noticed by others. Your life is more abundant in love and wealth. Sensual beauty is loving all things beautiful.


5 steps to sensuous beauty:

  1. Open your heart and mind to practice this art.
  2. Decide to be sensuous woman for you first, before anyone else.
  3. Surround yourself with all things beautiful, such as flowers, pretty colors, and beautiful art.
  4. Let go of the resentment and festering anger because these strong emotions destroy  your allure. You look haggard because the fire of sensuality has been put out. Or worst, never lit.
  5. When you strip down the make-up, cosmetic surgery, and hair extensions, underneath it lies the natural appeal.

This is list is to help you fuse sensuality into your life. If you desire lasting changes, let me teach you how.

I’ve been on this journey in discovering the sensual beauty and created a system to help women get in touch with their sensual side.

Let’s revitalize your sensual beauty. Let’s chat.



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