The fear of transformation

rosebwLast week, I wrote this article to encourage women to live life as they see fit!
Dreams can be scary but once you get over the fear, watching them come true can be totally liberating!

When I told other women that I am planning a solo trip to Hawaii, most asked me fear based questions such as;


Why are you going alone? You couldn’t find anyone to go with you? Aren’t you afraid to travel so far away by yourself?

The answer is yes, I was afraid when I booked the ticket. All I could think was, “what have I done?”

But I am doing something I’ve been wanting to do for a while and only now am I ready to face that journey.

We all have journeys. Fear shows up in things we want most out of life because we are afraid of change.

We are afraid to change our image because of what others think. Some of us might be too intimidated by our new look and are not ready for that type of attention. Even some of our family and friends may not accept our changing appearance.

For example, a woman decides to go “natural” but the man in her life can’t accept the new look. So instead of blossoming into the beautiful gardenia flower she was meant to be, to please him, she stays in a little caged bubble. Her flower remains a bud, drying up and slowly withering away, diminishing her beautiful soul.

We are afraid to live a healthier lifestyle because that means we have to give up unhealthy foods. We may realize that we can’t enjoy certain foods with friends anymore because of our changing habits!

We are afraid of what the future holds for us because we are so used to how we live our lives now! Even though it may not be good for us!

And you know what? Some fears do come to pass!

But if you don’t take that journey, I promise you, you will regret it later. You will shrink into a smaller version of yourself. Your future will look bleak and bitter. You will be depressed later on down the line and the proof will show on your aging face.

Here’s how to transform:

Sometimes it takes a lot of mental transformation to get to the physical transformation.
Mental transformation starts with thinking about what you want on a daily basis. Blend these thoughts into your everyday activities and you will begin to transform. Sometimes you can’t see yourself getting what you want right away, as it takes time. So be patient!

Speaking of fear, this is how reader Yvette will have an enchanting year:
I will live on my terms this year. I will center my existence so that my mind, body and spirit are balanced. I will start to plant the seeds in my heart that will allow my faith to be active even when physical manifestations of what would be true are present. Increase in God’s love and words engraved in my heart, will allow greater accomplishments. Fear stagnates progress and minimize life’s experiences, I will not allow fear to guide me or limit me. So, goal for increased physical exercise (joining LA Fitness w/plan to become Hip Hop Instructor Certified), goal for increased spirituality (Bible studies, meditation and yoga classes), goal for increase wealth (launch new business venture) and goal for family and friends (patience and forgiveness). Love, faith, peace, hope and prosperity in 2016!

What is the fear that holds you back the most?

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