My brand new beauty boutique is launching on 11/11!

I know, I know, you haven’t been receiving Radiant Wednesdays, but I have a good excuse!

For the past month I’ve been toiling away in my little cozy apartment on this great idea. I am finally launching another lifelong dream – a store! An online beauty shop called Sensual Beauty Boutique.

It all started from a 2014 summer project called, Beauty Blueprint: 5 Components™, which included, beauty & skincare, fashion, physique, sensuality and inner goddess. And out of the 5 components, sensuality became one of the popular choices among the chosen women. I held private one on one’s for these ladies and the more I listened, the more there was to learn. I, myself became a student of sensuality. Women began asking me for advice on how to help them increase their libido, along with advice on anti-aging and a high request of skin care products. Hence, Sensual Beauty Boutique was born!

MoroccanSpaHammamFor this fall and winter season, the core concept is Moroccan Beauty Ritual. Because Morocco is part of my linage (which is something I found out not too long ago), there was a strong desire to explore the culture and their beauty rituals. I’ve found that Moroccan women are known for having rich, clear, smooth skin, which prompted me to examine their skin care secrets. They indulge themselves in weekly spa treatments that centers around argan oil, which is a top of the line beautifying remedy.


To help women transition from aging skin, cellulite, and acne into delicate, lustrous skin, I will carry argan infused oils, bath and body gels, scrubs, nourishing soaps and massage oils. Staying true to Moroccan culture, all of these products have sweet orange oil. There will be an ebook for sale, called Moroccan Bath & Beauty Ritual for the Sensuous Woman which serves as a guide to using the products. I will also have aphrodisiac tea appropriately called The Pleasure Potion for women who desire to be more sensual with their boyfriends, husbands or lovers;-)
tantraPursuing this life long dream is a wonderful addition to my list of passions, however, this new endeavor transcends into something deeper. It’s tantra – being conscious of and having respect for the body. Some libido problems stem for the weakening of the womb and being disconnected from the feminine energy. One of my goals is to help women in this area, because the womb is the seat of creativity. Another goal is to help her experience pleasure and deep fulfillment through sensuality. This in turn, creates love and strengthens relationships.

I want to thank all of you for reading and for your support!

And Radiant Wednesdays will return soon!

Have a gorgeous Wednesday;)

Zephorah Nuré, HHC,
An enchantress skilled in the art of sensuality, beautifying methods and tantric arts.

The website is (not dot com)!

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