Moroccan Bath & Beauty Ritual


The opening of the boutique was a success and thank you to all who supported me in my endeavor!

As some of you know, about 2 years ago, I did an ancestry DNA test to find out my lineage. It wasn’t enough to just be an African American in the USA without any real identity or knowledge of myself. I needed something more, I needed to know what has been a mystery for centuries. My bloodline, my roots. So I finally did it and when I found out, I was pleased. I felt so free knowing about my North African and West African roots. One of these places is the enticing, sensuous Morocco. I researched their beauty and bath rituals of the Hammam and wrote a ebook on different ways to use argan oil in (free with purchase;)
Building a beauty business based on a Moroccan theme was a professional, yet personal decision for me. Professional because the products help women overcome skin related issues. Personal because it’s part of my journey, and ancestry.

The purpose of Sensual Beauty Boutique is to inspire women to live fearlessly by conquering their true desires and live consciously. Life can be so wild and so beautiful;) ‪#‎saharaqueen‬ ‪#‎desertflower‬

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