Introducing Sweet Yoni Tonic


I’ve learned so much since I created Pleasure Potion and Sensual Beauty Boutique. Yet, one vital thing I’ve found after talking with so many women, is that creating sensual awareness within our bodies is so important. And there is no time like the present!

I’ve been getting a lot of questions and requests from women to prepare a wellness tea that will help build healthier wombs. After much research, I found that Red Raspberry Leaf and Red Clover are historically known to strengthen the uterus. This means reducing the common uterine issues, regulating menstrual cycles and less PMS.

I’ve been drinking this tea ever since I’ve began immersing myself into women’s wellness and noticed some differences in my overall health, inside and out!

This tea has a hint of yummy sweetness to it. I call this, “Sweet Yoni Tonic”.

If you like, I can prepare these high quality, loose leaf herbs for you. I will include a recipe to make the tea even more delightful! Click here.

As women, we are the life force and the creators of life. Our wombs are the seats of our creativity! So it’s important for us to keep our bodies clean and disease free!

May your day be full of radiance;-)

Source: Susun Weed author of Down There
Please note, I’m a certified holistic health coach, and have been studying healing properties of herbs for years with qualified teachers. However, I am not a doctor, which means I can’t make these following claims, so please consult your physician.

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