How to do a closet detox


Just as you detox your body of all the toxins, your closet should get the same treatment as well. When thinking of a closet detox, there should be a greater goal in mind: The intention should be to consistently aim higher in life by eliminating the pieces that no longer serve you. Just like keeping the extra unneeded junk around your waistline, holding onto useless clothing will hold you back in life. Detoxing your closet works on a deeper energetic level than a simple seasonal wardrobe clearing. This is why it’s essential to dispose of what’s not echoing with your soul.

A seasonal closet detox is highly recommended because it keeps you aligned with your style frequency. Once you create the habit of wardrobe purging, it’s easier to really understand what works for you and what doesn’t. It also makes life easier by making it more streamlined.

Here’s how detoxing your closet, enhances your life:

  • It provides clarity by helping you understand what you want in life. As you are throwing out the old, you begin to think of other improvements to your lifestyle.
  • More opportunities come your way. Do you want a new relationship or career?
  • It streamlines your life. Because your clothes are in order, you can quickly figure out what you will wear for work or any other event without too much fuss. You can leave your house on time!
  • Creates more space for more beautiful clothes: Now you will have all that space for new pretty things. You may open your mind to more color.
  • It encourages healthier eating. Closet detoxing is essentially the same as body detoxing. You may notice physical changes you want to make – toning up or losing weight.

Ok. Let’s see what you have here.

Clothing can carry positive and negative energy. When cleaning your closet, consider this:

  • There are pieces that you may like that carry good energy, but they were you years ago. You’re not that person anymore. You have matured a bit more and life is just different now.
  • After going through your closet, you may realize that you have been carrying unnecessary baggage from the past. Why on earth would you be wearing some of these things? It’s like be caught in another dream dimension like the movie, Inception.
  • As you are cleaning, you may come across pieces that are wearable, and maybe even nice, but might represent a bad time – something you would want to forget about. Clothes that bring back terrible memories will never bring you good energy. Never hold on to things that remind you of a bad event. I don’t care how good it looks on you.
  • However, there are some things that you will probably never get rid of.

A lot of women wear clothes that don’t vibe with their style frequency because they haven’t moved on from their past in a fashion forward way.

Remember* Clothes can carry positive and negative energies and sometimes you don’t even realize it, until you ask yourself why you really need it.

The Strategy:

Magical Fashionista: Dress for the Life You Want tells you how to effectively clear your closet:

Act as your own fashion editor and eliminate what isn’t necessary. Use a critical eye and heart to decide what you truly need. It’s also not a good practice to have unneeded clothes taking up space in your closet. If you really don’t like that jacket that you bought last spring, then don’t force it.

Make three piles of what you want and don’t want.

Pile one: Clothes you absolutely love.

Pile two: You may feel neutral about these clothes. Put these back and your closet and when it’s time to do another seasonal edit, see if you still want it.

Pile three: Give away to the Salvation Army or any other charity. There are organizations that cater to women who need professional attire to interview for jobs, but can’t afford clothes on their own. Check your local organizations.

After you have finished, hang the clothes together to see what provides the perfect balance and what doesn’t. And then, it’s time to go shopping!

You should get into the habit of closet detox every season at the beginning and end. It’s a lot less work and it saves you so much time! Life is too busy to focus on this just once a year!





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