Does the goddess replace God?

invokingthegoddessThe most common question that I get when having a conversation with a prospective client about the goddess is, “Does she replace God?”
Various religions around the world today incorporate goddesses in their faiths. She has a long deep historical presence on this earth, and has been used in many rites and rituals.

The answer to that question in relation to my work is no. The purpose of the goddess, is to let her help you get in touch with your divine feminine.
She represents our contrasting feminine personalities and various aspect of our lives at different times. Many women use goddess attributes as a way of personal development. If requested by client, I simply help her find an characteristic to infuse into her life.

For example, I’ve recently met a model who uses Goddess Venus as an inspiration throughout her career and she uses her well! I’ve seen some of the work she does in magazines and was blown away. Looking at her first sight, I could tell there was something about her. Her aura was attractive and sweet. After having a conversation with her (pulling back the veil) I found out about her goddess.

I personally have three goddesses that I infuse into my everyday living; Pele, Hawaiian Goddess of volcano and fire, Hathor, Egyptian Goddess of beauty and music and Bast, Egyptian Goddess of cats and sensuality.

The first three Goddesses mentioned above have represented different aspects of my life.

Goddess Pele inspired me to awaken my sensuality and inner fire. She also helped me to define my purpose in life which is to help women awaken their sensual souls. I metaphorically came across her volcanic path, which led me to begin Sensual Beauty Boutique. She also represents destruction and rebirth; Destroying what’s no longer needed in our lives and rebuilding something new. Studying Goddess Pele’s attributes inspired me to write articles on allowing the inner fire (soul) to burn. I’ve learned through personal experiences, that as a woman, your inner fire should never be extinguished, not by you or anyone. For if you do, you will transform into a dull, haggard woman! A woman’s fire is her best kept secret- it keeps her alive! I am looking forward to visiting Goddess Pele and her Kilauea Volcano on the Big Island!

Hathor is the Egyptian Goddess of beauty, music, motherhood.
I felt like Hathor in the rebirth of my business. I imagined myself as her handing out books on The Blueprint for Beauty as a guide to beauty and life for women. The other side of Hathor is Goddess Isis (Auset) that I relate to but don’t really reveal unless you ask;) I will also pull back the veil if I meet a seeker (one on one consultation). Pulling back the veil simply means you going deeper into your world, helping to discover aspects of yourself that you didn’t know were there. And if you know what’s there, you can enhance it to help achieve your goals in life. This is a very personalized situation. I’m just supporting you, however you do the work yourself. This can be a truly enlightening transformative experience and have changed lives.

Bast, Egyptian Goddess of cats, sensuality and a protector.
I felt like she is the follow up goddess to Pele, yet more quiet and reserved. She moves in silence and full of sex appeal, sensuality and fire. She doesn’t destruct, she protects. I’ve used her many of times through my work as a model.

Using these goddess attributes have bought me success as a model and opened my eyes to new business opportunities and life in general. I have this knowledge, so why wouldn’t I use this to my advantage? All I am doing is getting in touch with my divine feminine.

These are just a few examples of feminine traits that one can relate to and totally harmless. There are thousands upon thousands of goddesses to choose from, it’s up to you to figure out which one you relate to. The question you must ask yourself is, how much is too much? It really all depends on your belief system and remembering that balance is key.

Just remember, you are a woman. The Goddess is already in you. When you awaken her, you awaken the divine.

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