Are you going to be naughty or nice this holiday season?

naughtytoddydrinkLast week, I told you I was breaking out my alchemist skills to create an aphrodisiac hot toddy blend called, Naughty Toddy, for my first event and it was a success! Many people showed support and we had a great time!

Christa Pratt, who also exhibited her art called Vortex, expressed female sensuality through her paintings. It is so refreshing to find other artists who follow the same passion and show through different mediums. This was a perfect fusion of two creators expressing feminine beauty through their work!

My goal with sensual beauty, is to explore women’s health centering on spirituality (inner goddess) and physical and how they relate to one another. One of the reasons I am focusing on the aphrodisiac tea is to help women relax and be in touch with their sensuality.
pleasurepotionnaughtytoddyAlthough this aphrodisiac blend was geared towards women, it was interesting to see the effect it had on men. They seemed opened and relaxed when speaking to the ladies;-)

The ambiance was very warm, and laid back – Just right. The guests came back for second and third rounds of the Naughty Toddy!

What a magical night! And best of all, the Pleasure Potion and some of the art was sold! A win-win for everyone!

A special thank you to Lez and Kamau of Warehouse Gallery!

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