beautyblueprint5componentsThis website is designed as a beauty guide to building yourself, physically, mentally and spiritually. When you make positive changes on the spiritual and mental level, then you will see magnificent results on your physical level.

The Blueprint for Beauty is a personal development system for image improvement which focuses on different areas such as:

  • beauty & skincare
  • physique
  • fashion & style
  • sensuality
  • confidence

As you are reading this and implementing what applies to you, understand that changes take time and it doesn’t happen overnight. The intention here is to help you evolve your very essence.

Although some beauty trends may be discussed here, this is not a site for the beauty junkie. I feel there are enough resources online where you can easily find good reviews on makeup products. If I personally feel that a product is worth mentioning, then I will gladly do a write up on it.

You may print any article that you like. If you decide to repost please give proper credit. All articles are copyrighted.
(Zephorah Nuré, blueprintforbeauty.com)

As a holistic beauty consultant, I also offer private one on one services. Let’s chat.

Along with being a holistic beauty consultant, I have been modeling professionally for over 10 years. I’ve been a book cover model, most notably for Shadowshaper and Jimmy Choo, 15th Anniversary Crystal Collection. I have also appeared in Harper’s Bazaar, InStyle, Essence, British Vogue magazines and more!

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